The Beer Traveller

There's the Beer Traveller and then there's the Beer Travelers.

From 2000 to 2002 Paul wrote a column named
The Beer Traveller for a Canadian site (which shall not be named). In 2003 All About Beer magazine invited Paul to take over writing their Beer Travelers column. He and Maryanne, his faithful travel assistant and photographer, wrote the bi-mothly column until mid 2010. They still write features and book reviews for the magazine.

Below is a chronological archive of columns for both publications. We're also including some articles published in other places. Click on the title for a brief description. An alphabetical listing of cities is in the side bar.

Old Time Beer & Baseball Tour

Beer. Baseball. Summer. America's heartland. What better way to spend a two-week vacation? Pack a hat, sunscreen, and a rain poncho (our weather is fickle); a stack of classic rock CDs; plenty of trunk space; and a hearty appetite. All About Beer magazine, Beer Traveler Special Issue 2010
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Random Walk Down Memory Lane

A couple of months ago we decided it was time to give our Beer Traveler passports a hiatus. We’ve had a long and pleasant relationship with All About Beer Magazine, almost seven years now. We’ve loved reporting about our travels and the many wonderful establishments that have opened their doors to us as they shared their stories and the fruits of their labors. But, as the old adage goes, all things good things must come to an end.

And it’s no different with us. We no longer travel as often, so we decided it was time to pass the Beer Travelers notebook, keyboard and torch. Once we made that decision, we started to think about our final column. Then, all of a sudden, the memories of so many establishments returned like anxious children demanding attention. We also realized that there are so many more places we wish we could have told you about, but didn’t.
All About Beer magazine, vol. 31, No. 2, May 2010

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Hometown Pride in a Glass

Cologne, Germany is the home of kolsch beer, a distinctive, light, refreshing style. All About Beer magazine, vol. 27, No. 6, January 2007

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Burton-upon-Trent, Britain's Brewing Capital

A visit to the Brewery Museum in Burton-upon-Trent, the historic home of Bass Ale. All About Beer magazine, vol. 25, No. 5, November 2004

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"It's Noon Somewhere": The Heineken Experience, Amsterdam

Faced with a long lay over in Amsterdam, the Beer Travellers hopped a train into the city and paid a visit to the Heineken Experience.

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Munich's Strong Beer Festival

Every March, Munich celebrates Starkbierzeit, a min-Oktoberfest without the hordes of tourists. It features traditional Bavarian entertainment, along with some of the world's most powerful beer. March 2001

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The Winter's Tale: Barleywine in Alaska

Barleywine, a complex and powerful beverage, is made for sipping on cold winter nights. Which is why Anchorage, Alaska, is the perfect locale for a barleywine festival. February 2001

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The Soul of Modern America's First Micro

New Albion Brewing Company, often called America's first post-Prohibition micorbrewery, closed its doors in 1982. But its soul live on in the wonderfully-named town of Hopland, California. December 2000

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Dusseldorf's Altbier: Old Style German Ale

Dusseldorf, Germany, is famous for a malty, copper-colored ale known as altbier. Learn more about this unique style of beer, and find out how and where you can enjoy it. August 2000

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