Welcome to the Beer Festival Calendar, your online source for beer tasting events from around the world! Ludwig, the beer-drinking lion, and his staff, Maryanne Nasiatka and Paul Ruschmann, are glad you're here and hope you return often.

The end of summer means the start of the busiest festival months of the year, with Oktoberfest-style celebrations joining the festival lineup. We have 48 events for the coming weekend, and Ludwig has put down his Pilsner stein long enough to give us his top three picks: the
All-Ireland Craft Beer Festival in Dublin; the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria, British Columbia; and the OC Brew-Ha-Ha in Silverado, California. He's given us a bonus pick: the Brass City Brew Fest in Waterbury, Connecticut.

There's a Beer Week on the calendar as well:
U.P Beer Week, which will be celebrated September 1st through the 6th in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

The Beer Festival Calendar has come a long way over the years. Last year's edition had more than four times as many events as the first edition, which appeared in 2001. As in past years, we're always looking for festivals. Please yet us know about worthy beer events in your corner of the world.

In addition to the festival calendar, this site has a wealth of information about your--and our--favorite beverage, including:

* The "Beer Traveller Series," a collection of more than 60 articles about beer-drinking destinations. We just added several articles to the collection, including our pieces about Pennsylvania, great beer bars, San Francisco, and "old school beer and baseball tour," and our farewell column at
All About Beer.

* "Good Beer Books," Paul's reviews of books that belong on your reference shelf. He just added reviews of Douglas Wissing's "Indiana, One Pint at a Time" and Pete Brown's "Three Sheets to the Wind." Hope you enjoy them.

* And "Worts of Wisdom," observations about beer from now and the past.

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What's that, Ludwig?

Our beer-drinking lion asks, "What, you haven't visited his blog,
Ludwig Roars? It offers a light-hearted look at beer-related news, places, and events from around the world. He also says that the writing is--pun definitely intended--rip-*roaring* good.

Finally, a shameless plug for ourselves:

If you're in, or near, Michigan, please consider buying our book,
Michigan Breweries. It's a comprehensive guidebook that we keep updated at one of our sister sites. Find out why Michigan is The Great Beer State. It makes a great present for the beer lover in your life!

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